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5 Legendary and Frightening Christmas Monsters that Aren’t Krampus

This time of year, Krampus seems to get all the attention.  Here are few of Santa’s B-Team who don’t get nearly as much attention as they should. From all around the world, check out these 5 equally twisted Christmas monsters.

Hans Trapp

This German Krampus is actually based on a historical figure. Hans von Trotha was a German knight with a notorious reputations as a robber baron who was also believed to be a Satan worshiper. As an apparition, he terrorizes children as a restless spirit haunting the forest and abducting children.  During Christmas time, he is used to keep kids in line.



Another German legend, Belsnickel is a man clad in furs with claws and a long tongue. He carries a long stick, which he uses to whip naughty children.



This Christmas cat hails from Iceland where he eats people who do not have any new clothes to wear on Christmas Eve. It sounds like a strange thing to be punished for, however, many people believe it was used to increase productivity among wool workers.


I’m not sure why Germany needs so many Christmas monsters, but here’s one more for your holiday list. Prechta was a witch who wandered through Bavaria leaving coins for good little boys and girls. As for the bad, they were gutted and their empty abdomens were stuffed with straw and rocks.




A female giant and chef, her favorite dish is a stew she makes from bad little children.  Her own kids, The Yule Lads leave toys for good children and rotten potatoes for the bad.