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Virginia Haunted by Killer Dressed as Giant Rabbit: The Legend of Bunny Man Bridge

Just outside of Washington DC, there’s a small, wooded area on the outskirts of Fairfax, Virginia known as Burke. A hidden oasis in a bustling metropolis, Burke hosts antique stores, farmland, and a small railroad overpass that is the site of a haunted legend according to locals. Cars pass through a one-lane tunnel cut into the side of a hill; the tracks above the tunnel are overgrown with weeds. Dug to accompany the winding road, a slight bend makes it hard to see what’s on the other side of the tunnel. In the dark of night, the bridge is frightening enough, however, once you learn the legend of the Bunny Man you’ll steer clear of this shortcut.

There are several stories regarding the origins of the Bunny Man, but the most common takes place in 1904 during a prison asylum transport. A group of convicts were being transferred to a new facility when the vehicle they were riding in crashed, killing all but one prisoner.  The police searched for weeks but found no sign of the missing prisoner, Douglas Grifon. A few months passed before locals began finding skinned, half-eaten rabbit carcasses hanging from the bridge. Then one day a resident living near the bridge made a terrifying discovery. The body of local man, Marcus Wallster, was found hanging from the bridge done in the same way as the rabbits. The police once again began their search for Mr. Grifon, who they now referred to as the Bunny Man.

A search of the train tracks quickly turned up the fugitive. The Bunny Man immediately made a run for the bridge, the very place the prison transport crashed. As the police closed in on their suspect a train rolled in quickly. The Bunny Man made one last attempt to elude his captors when the train bore down on him.  As man collided with machine, Grifon let out a wicked laugh. Although no body was found the police believed Grifon to be dead.

It is believed that Grifon’s ghost still haunts the bridge.  In the 1970’s, two teens, out for some alone time, claimed to have encountered the ghost of the Bunny Man. Suddenly, the sound of broken glass killed the mood. A hatchet had been hurled through the back window of their car and outside they saw a man, in what they believed to be a bunny suit, screaming at them for trespassing. Fearing for their lives the two teens sped away.  Even now, reports of strange happenings still surround the bridge, many still claiming to see skinned bunnies around area and a man dressed in a full bunny suit.