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Brad Stevens’ Top 5 Movies of 2015!

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Since you’ve been enjoying the staff’s picks for the best genre movies of 2015, we decided to invite our top contributing writers to pick their five favorite flicks as well. Look for more Top Fives between now and the end of the year!]


A rookie cop is assigned to work the desk at a isolated station that will be closing the next day. What starts out feeling like John Carpenter’s ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 quickly shifts gears into a supernatural nightmare.

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A family takes up residence in an old home in the Irish woods, and soon learn they’re unwelcome intruders on hallowed ground. This moody Irish walk in the woods is from director Corin Hardy, who looks like he’ll be taking on THE CROW remake.




A newly formed high school death metal band unwittingly opens the gates of hell and unleashes a demonic plague on their otherwise boring town. From New Zealand, this fun little nihilistic, metal head, splattercore film is a tribute to the high school outcast in all of us. And it features some well-deserved shout outs to Metal Blade’s amazing roster of bands.




Max and her friends are transported into an old slasher film that starred her deceased mother. Their only hope to stay alive is to stick as close to the final girl as possible. When that doesn’t work, they attempt to defy slasher movie tropes. A hilarious tribute to the slasher formula that doesn’t shy away from sentimentality, FINAL GIRLS brought a few tears to my eyes along with a lot of laughs.

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It’s been a long time since a scene made me look away from the screen. I won’t spoil it, but if you’ve seen the film, you know what I’m talking about. The directorial debut from novelist S. Craig Zahler, BONE TOMAHAWK mixes brutality with compelling dialogue and well-rounded characters.



Festival Mention: THE WITCH

THE WITCH would have been my number one choice for 2015, but since it won’t hit theaters until February 2016, we’ll have to see if it can stay at number one by the time my 2016 list comes out. Go see THE WITCH!

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