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Meet the Staff: 10 Questions With Blumhouse Writer/Reporter Camilla Jackson

Our ongoing series of interviews with the Blumhouse crew continues, in which we share our collective passion for all things scary, discuss our personal and career histories in the genre we all know and love, reveal our favorite films, and maybe even share a few spooky stories.

Today we sit down for a Q&A with Camilla Jackson, Writer and Reporter for!

How long have you been a horror fan, and what attracted you to the genre?

I was probably about 7 or 8 when I first started watching horror. I have an older brother who was cooler than me and I wanted to be like him. Films like DEMONS, C.H.U.D, EVIL DEAD, etc. were always on in our house, and although I was initially terrified, I acted tough and hid my fear. My perseverance paid off as I ended up loving it and becoming a huge fan. Not the case for my younger stepbrother unfortunately, whom I remember pinning down with my brother and holding his eyelids open during EVIL DEAD 2.

What is your role at Blumhouse Productions? Tell us a little about your job.

I write contributing articles, and pitch various ideas. This Halloween I covered a lot of haunts, which I pinch myself that I get to do. I’ve also started making short accompanying videos to my pieces.

What is your career background, training, school, etc?

After a tumultuous time in high school (I was asked very politely to leave one of them), I moved to the ‘big smoke’ and formed a band. I was studying special effects makeup during the day and would gig at night, and for a while there I had grand ambitions to be a rock star. Along the way I started doing a bit of modelling, and then started doing some television commercials and acting gigs. I became the spokesperson for a big health insurance company, and was quite a nuisance on Australian television for a while, which was ultimately the catalyst for my decision to lay low and go to fashion school to learn how to design. After signing with an L.A. acting agency who had seen some of the comedy sketches I had been making, I decided to make the move to L.A. It was here that I teamed up with my friend Lee Gambin of Fangoria, and started interviewing cast and crew from classic horror/genre films from the ’70s and ’80s for our Melbourne cinephile group Cinemaniacs. It was then that I started writing contributing articles for Fangoria and eventually here at


What/who is your favorite monster, and why?

Freddy Krueger has always floated my boat in a big way, but I have to say that I strongly think that if Horace Pinker had been given an opportunity for a SHOCKER sequel or two, he may just have surpassed the gleaming heights of our beloved Freddy. Horace had it all — a great look, killer dialogue and the ability to travel through televisions. It is a question that baffles me frequently, that Horace got relatively brushed over.

What is your weapon of choice?

Definitely Ash’s clip-in chainsaw hand. It’s very handy.

List five of your favorite horror films.


What was the first horror movie you ever saw, and what was your reaction?

The first time I ever witnessed horror was when I saw an episode of HAMMER HOUSE OF HORROR. I was very young and I couldn’t stop thinking about it for days after, I absolutely loved it. I had a keen curiosity to see more but didn’t know how. It wasn’t until my brother came home with A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET that I saw my first full horror film that I can remember. I was so scared to go to sleep afterwards, but I did have a little comfort that I was not a teenager and Freddy only killed teenage victims. The imagery from the devastation in Johnny Depp’s bedroom after his unfortunate demise stuck with me for so long. All that blood… I couldn’t believe it.

Describe one of your favorite Halloween costumes that you’ve worn.

Halloween wasn’t a big thing in Australia. We didn’t really dress up, which is such a shame, because I am enthralled by the magnificent costumes that the folk here in L.A. come up with. I haven’t been too adventurous thus far since moving here. A nun (no, not a sexy one), and David Bowie, but next year I am really looking forward to going as FRANKENHOOKER. I thought Patty Mullen was outstanding in that role. Shame she didn’t do more.

Name one horror celebrity, dead or alive, you would love to meet, and tell us why.

I would have loved to have met Wes Craven. I constantly have to listen to stories from my L.A. friends about what a wonderful man he was. Not only did he have such a colorful  imagination and sense of fun in his films, it sounds like he really was a gentle soul. I would have picked his brains about Horace Pinker.

Please recommend a recent horror film that you saw and really enjoyed.

This is probably old news now, but I thought BONE TOMAHAWK was outstanding. Those final scenes were just wonderful and the way the film built to that moment. Great characters, nicely paced, superb acting, dialogue, and that gore — that beautiful gore that was the pay off in such a scintillating crescendo!