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Check Out This Bizarre German KRAMPUS Prank

When it comes to certain horror movie releases, marketing companies get to have all the fun. Some of the best viral videos stem from “pranks” tied into a big horror release. THE DEVIL’S DUE prank, “Devil Baby Attack”, has to be one of (if not the) best of the bunch. The telekinetic in the coffee shop in honor of the CARRIE remake was fun too. But here’s one that falls in the WTF category.

KRAMPUS is already a big hit here in the United States, but for the December 3rd German release earlier this month, Universal Studios brought in the prankster trio group Ape Crime to pull one over on the German public.

The gimmick is essentially the 3 of these guys dressed up as Krampus-esque monsters and randomly scaring the crap out of people. In the park, in the subway, in a parking lot. Where ever they can. It’s hard for me to tell if this is legit and unstaged. I mean, would you really believe a Krampus monster is feasting on some poor unsuspecting soul in a subway corridor AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON style if you saw it? Regardless, their costumes are pretty bad-ass. We will let you guys take a look at decide for yourself if any of these gags would’ve gotten you!

If you’re curious to see some other pranks from Ape Crime, you can find them on Facebook.


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