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THE SIMPSONS Meets YOU’RE NEXT in the Bloodiest Claymation Short Ever!

The classic “couch intro” from THE SIMPSONS has been tackled by many guest directors over the years, and different takes on the familiar material have included some controversial entries… but none of them comes even remotely close to the blood-spraying, limb-tearing, skull-shattering shocks created by stop-motion animator Lee Hardcastle for his… uh, unique contribution to the beloved skit.


Taking a cue from Adam Wingard’s home-invasion hit YOU’RE NEXT, Hardcastle’s two-minute Play-Doh nightmare begins with FOX’s most famous family in their traditional spots in front of the TV, until Bart notices an animal-masked figure at the window, and… well, you really just need to see this thing for yourself:

Wingard himself is a fan of the short, and said as much via Twitter, but I’m guessing the producers of THE SIMPSONS might not be quite as receptive.

Hardcastle’s previous exploits include the “T is for Toilet” chapter from THE ABCs OF DEATH and a hilarious mashup of Disney’s FROZEN with John Carpenter’s THE THING. You can see these and much more clay carnage at his official YouTube channel.


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