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Rob G’s TOP 10 Horror Films Of 2015!

The year 2015, for the horror genre, was what I can best describe as a completely unpredictable one. There was a nice increase in a lot of independent fare, some of which slipped through the cracks of the underground and managed to find mainstream success, such as IT FOLLOWS. Whether you liked that one or not, you have to admit it was pretty cool to have one horror movie that everyone was talking about this year. If anything, it only brings more attention to the smaller genre films.

There were also a lot of great, ambitious genre mash-ups from horror/comedies to Westerns to moody & atmospheric straight forward horror flicks. Some of the major holidays also got the genre treatment this year. And now with streaming services like Netflix Instant and Amazon Prime, word of mouth on horror titles is stronger than ever. Of the lot, here’s the 10 that I enjoyed the most!


The Nightmare - Doc
I’ve got to mention THE NIGHTMARE, the excellent documentary from Rodney Ascher (ROOM 247) about sleep paralysis, something I personally suffer from and which I found genuinely frightening. (You can find that one on Netflix Instant.) I enjoyed the Fulci-esque weirdness of Ted Geoghagan’s directorial debut WE ARE STILL HERE, in particular the finale. And I rather liked Ciaran Foy’s SINISTER 2, primarily for showing us what we learned from the first film in a completely different context, and also for having Shannyn Sossamon.


A few films I caught at festivals earlier this year that are due for release sometime in 2016 to definitely keep an eye out for are: THE WITCH, Oz Perkins’ directorial debut FEBRUARY, Nick Simon’s THE GIRL IN THE PHOTOGRAPH which is the last feature Wes Craven produced and Joe Begos’ 2nd full length feature THE MIND’S EYE starring Graham Skipper, Lauren Ashley Carter & Larry Fessenden.


Titles I’m most looking forward to: THE CONJURING 2 with James Wan once again at the helm, Jeremy Saulnier’s BLUE RUIN follow-up film GREEN ROOM and THE DEVIL’S CANDY, the latest from Sean Bryne, director of THE LOVED ONES. Bring on 2016!