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Who Is YOUR Favorite Universal Monster?!

I think for a lot of us that have had a life-long obsession with the horror genre, it probably all began with the first time we got a glimpse of any of the Universal Monster Movies. After all, what better introduction could we ask for than the often misunderstood ghouls of the black and white classics? For me, the Universal Monster movies played on a steady rotation on local television growing up. I still recall first seeing and feeling for The Wolfman and Lon Chaney Jr’s incredibly sympathetic performance. One of my earliest Halloween costumes was the Wolfman.

Like a lot of kids, I also was fascinated by dinosaurs and aquatic horrors! The Creature From The Black Lagoon was one of the most striking visages I can recall and I remember the local 7-11 running a promotion in which get red & blue 3-D glasses with a purchase of a Slurpie for an upcoming airing of the original 1954 masterpiece. Then later, I fell in love with Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein and realized just how great these monster movies could really be. Tackling our fears and controversial themes under the guise of what were often considered “scary kids’ movies.” It’s hard not to fall in love with the romanticism of Dracula and the vampire lore, or even feel for The Phantom of The Opera! Much later, I watched in horror as The Invisible Man, a true, genuine psycho stacked up the biggest body count of any of the monsters!

I think the fun and fascinating thing about the Universal Monster Movies is that as you keep discovering them, your favorite will often change depending where you are in your life as a “monster kid.” With Universal Studios currently ramping up a slew of inter-connecting “shared universe” movies with their monsters as “action style” heroes, I can’t help but think, “why?” You’ll never top the original classics! I really want to see what our audience thinks – who is YOUR favorite Universal Monster? Vote in the poll below!



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