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Bizarro Horror Film DEMENTIA Re-Cut by Faith No More for “Separation Anxiety”

Legendary rockers Faith No More have deep roots in horror cinema, as previously demonstrated by their hiring of genre director Joe Lynch to helm the music video for “Sunny Side Up” (if you missed it, tune in here!), a single from their latest album, Sol Invictus.

For their next video project, the band dug deep in the vaults of cult obscurity to find the perfectly weird accompaniment for the next single, “Separation Anxiety” — and dusted off the seldom seen, totally wacko 1955 art-horror experiment DEMENTIA, later retitled DAUGHTER OF HORROR.


The surreal low-budget film, which originally contained no dialogue and was set entirely to avant-garde music (the retitled version features narration by Ed McMahon!), revolves entirely around a young woman (Adrienne Barrett) who is either suffering from paranoid delusions due to a childhood trauma, or perhaps being chased by sinister demonic agents.


The abstract, nonlinear story doesn’t really make sense, but the film is actually well-shot and strangely mesmerizing, and the dark, paranoid imagery is a perfect backdrop for the band’s lumbering, threatening riffs and Mike Patton’s haunting vocals, which range from his signature ghostly falsetto to a demonic whisper.

Press play, crank it up and dive into the madness!