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Are We Finally Getting A “Director’s Cut” of THE EXORCIST III: LEGION?

EXORCIST III: LEGION was released in theaters on August 17th, 1990 and marked a prominent return to form for the franchise, mainly because of its direct connection to the original and with author/creator William Peter Blatty at the helm as director. Despite being a hit and offering one (if not two!) of the best genuine scares of the entire series, the film that was released in theaters was a highly compromised version of the movie.

Regardless, it’s still effectively creepy and probably the only of the official sequels that deserves to have the word “Exorcist” in the title, even though there wasn’t actually an exorcism in the original cut, or in the book it’s based upon, “Legion.” Rumors have always circulated about a long lost “director’s cut,” but much like Morgan Creek’s other production from around the same time, NIGHTBREED, the alternate footage was thought to be long gone. Last year, Scream Factory worked magic by finding all the original elements for NIGHTBREED and restoring the movie to Clive Barker’s original vision. Even since that project, devoted fans have been holding out hope that the same would happen for EXORCIST III. And now, we may get our wish.

Some diligent work was done over on Destroy The They’ve been keeping tabs on the official Morgan Creek Twitter account and recent inquires about EXORCIST III have been returned with teases of a new cut!

The final clue, or confirmation comes from a new interview with William Peter Blatty on the Ninth Configuration website, where, when asked about the potential for a new EXORCIST III release, he answered, “(Morgan Creek) are planning a new Blu Ray of ‘my cut.'”

While nothing is as of yet official, the prospect of more footage of Goerge C. Scott unleashing his rage is exciting!

We’ll keep you posted as soon as we hear more!