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What Do HALLOWEEN II, 10 TO MIDNIGHT & VICE SQUAD Have In Common? More Than You’d Think!

Putting together a unique triple feature is hard work. It’s easy to throw films within the same franchise together, but the real challenge lies in taking a trio of films that most people wouldn’t put together yet share something in common, whether it is a plot device, an aesthetic, or even just an overall theme. Finding the right combo can be a work of creative art. This article revolves around three films that I’ve wanted to test out as a triple feature for quite some time. So, what better time than now?

Whether it’s Michael Myers stalking Haddonfield Memorial, Warren Stacy running down the street naked or Ramrod raping and murdering prostitutes and killing cops, these three films go together so well, all having similar aesthetics to them and making their viewers terrified and entertained at the same time. If you’ve got a free night and want to make a triple feature of cat and mouse greatness, pop in HALLOWEEN II, 10 TO MIDNIGHT and VICE SQUAD and enjoy!