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Watch This Man Put a Live Venomous Snake Straight Up His Nose

30-year-old Iqbal Jogi of Pakistan makes his living as a snake charmer, entertaining crowds of amazed and horrified spectators by handling dangerous — and often deadly — venomous snakes without being harmed (most of the time). But last week he was filmed taking his performance to a new extreme.

Jogi handles the two-foot-long reptile easily, seemingly putting it in a kind of trance before inserting the snake head-first into his nostril. In the video below, the snake can be seen crawling all the way up into the man’s sinus cavity… after which he reaches into his mouth to pull the creature out.

Jogi told the UK Daily Mirror that he comes from a long line of snake charmers, and has been performing this act successfully for 12 years. In that time he’s had a few brushes with death — including the time a snake bit him inside the mouth before it had a chance to come back out.

“Within seconds I lost consciousness and was battling for life for three days,” he told the Mirror. “I understand it can kill me, but the only way I can earn a living is by showing this act. I pray before every performance that the snake doesn’t kill me and I stay alive so I can perform the next day.”


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