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Consider One Of These Epic SKUZZLES Posters As A Holiday Gift!

Limited edition movie posters are big business these days. And there’s such a variety to choose from out there, which is a good thing if you’re shopping for a holiday gift for someone you know that just loves movies. How do the above images of ARMY OF DARKNESS and MOTEL HELL grab ya?

Well, you should consider skimming the catalog of the fine fiends over at Skuzzles. They’re a Canadian-based company located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada that have been producing these amazing posters in a partnership with the Mayfair Theatre, commissioning some of the best artists in the biz to give their spin on some of your favorite genre films. The ARMY OF DARKNESS above comes from Jeff Boyes, while MOTEL HELL is from Francesco Francavilla. How ’bout this great ROBOCOP design from James White or the other ARMY OF DARKNESS print from Chris Weston?


Pretty cool, right? For you classic horror lovers, they offer posters for titles such as THE AMITVILLE HORROR by Jay Shaw and THE ABOMINABLE DR. PHIBES by Ghoulish Gary Pullin!


For me, the 1985 TEEN WOLF starring Michael J. Fox is one of my all favorite films, so I know I’d be a happy Camp Crystal Lake camper if I got Ghoulish Gary’s interpretation. Or for you cult film Troma lovers, there’s Fernanda Reza’s amazing design for MOTHER’S DAY!


I’m sure a lot of you out there are avid Blu-Ray and DVD collectors. If so, you’re probably already familiar with some of the original Skuzzle designs as they’ve partnered up with 20th Century Fox and MGM to create limited edition “faceplates” for some of their releases. I remember seeing CARRIE, the above TEEN WOLF design, RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD, CHILD’S PLAY and many more on store shelves. (Yes, believe it or not I still shop for movies in a store!)

They’ve been commissioned to do 13 more of these collectible faceplates. The new films include 28 DAYS LATER, TROLL 2, MR BROOKS, JENNIFER’S BODY, WRONG TURN, YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, JOY RIDE, THE FLY, DONNIE DARKO, THE HILLS HAVE EYES, FROM HELL, PUMPKINHEAD and POLTERGEIST 2. Below’s a sneak peek, but you can read all about this collaboration on their official blog.


Head over to right now and pick out your favorite poster for yourself or as a holiday gift! Also, follow them on Instagram and “like” their page on Facebook too!