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Florida Burglary Suspect Killed and Eaten by an Alligator

Alligators seem to be all up in our news lately — whether it’s a gargantuan reptile nicknamed Godzilla invading a Texas shopping center, or this gruesome karma-like situation in Florida: apparently a man wanted for attempted burglary was recently found dead in Barefoot Bay Lake in Brevard County, his mangled remains showing evidence of multiple alligator bites.

As reported by Florida Today, Sheriff’s deputies determined that 22-year-old Matthew Riggins (shown below) was likely hiding in the lake to escape capture when an alligator dragged him to his death.

Image Credit: Brevard County Sheriff's Office
Image Credit: Brevard County Sheriff’s Office

Investigators stated that Riggins previously told his girlfriend he would be committing burglaries in the lake area with an accomplice (who is currently in custody), and that two men dressed in black had been sighted in the area on November 13th. Riggins was reported missing shortly afterward.

Weeks later, Riggins’ corpse was recovered by the Sheriff’s diving team — who also came face to face with the aggressive 11-foot gator. The animal was euthanized by trappers, and autopsies on both revealed pieces of Riggins’ body in the alligator’s digestive system.