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Five Unintentionally Creepy Commercials That Will Give You Nightmares

Sure, advertisers are just trying to tell you about their product, but sometimes the message misfires, and commercials end up being scary are hell. Check out some of our favorite unintentionally creepy commercials below!

Baby Secret

As a parent I would have a hard time sleeping knowing this doll is somewhere in my house.

The First Ronald McDonald Commercial

The first incarnation of Ronald McDonald looked like an unemployed thirty-year-old living in his mother’s basement with a stack of dirty magazines hidden under his bed.

Axe Chocolate Man

Now enjoy a body spray that makes you psychotically happy about being horribly maimed.

Baby Laugh A-Lot

Some kind of sequel to Baby Secret sent from hell to laugh over your tortured remains.

Kinder Egg

“Honey, that thing is on our wall again.”
“That’s it! We’re moving.”

Honorable mention:

Vincent Price was the greatest pitchman of all time.  I still want this book collection.