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London Commuters Stalked by Nightmare Doll Twins

If you thought the Grady Twins from THE SHINING were terrifying, imagine how Londoners felt recently when their morning commute was accompanied by the arrival of two young girls wearing Victorian-era dresses and porcelain doll-like masks.

According to Western Daily Press, the 10-year-old girls were spotted at various locations around London, including busy streets and railway stations, prompting many bystanders to post images of the eerie, silent pair on social media.

Image Credit: Western Daily Press
Image Credit: Western Daily Press

It was later revealed that the doll twins are the first phase of an elaborate promotional stunt by Thorpe Park Resort, who plan to launch “the world’s first psychological theme park” next spring.

The park, designed by professional (and controversial) UK magician Derren Brown, is designed to give patrons more than just physical shocks, but to “play with your mind and the concept of what is real.”

Image Credit: Western Daily Press
Image Credit: Western Daily Press

Brown is keeping the majority of details about the park top secret, and has been gradually leaking out cryptic clues since he first announced the park in October… including the size and scope of the attraction (which will span over 2,300 square meters and a creative staff of more than 1,000 specialists), and the duration of the average vistor experience (13 minutes).

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