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There’s A KRAMPUS Comic Book Out Now Too!

Today’s the day! Michael Dougherty’s sure-to-be holiday horror classic, KRAMPUS, is now playing in theaters, and every last one of you should go see it. But if, after the movie, your Krampus-fix hasn’t been quite met, there’s also an official, accompanying graphic novel titled KRAMPUS: SHADOW OF SAINT NICHOLAS worth checking out.


The book is presented by director, Michael Dougherty, and features some of the hottest, most well-regarded talents in the comic industry. It’s funny – whereas KRAMPUS the movie is not an anthology horror feature the way TRICK ‘R TREAT was, this comic book, which is broken up into 4 chapters – 3 stand alone stories and a wrap up which follows the anthology formula wherein characters appear in each others segments and then the wrap up brings them all together. Narratively speaking, it’s a super fun read.

Also, there aren’t enough horror themed Christmas stories out there! So to get 3 solid ones is a treat.

Story credit on the book goes to Todd Casey, Michael Dougherty and Zach Shields with Laura Shields listed as co-writer on Chapter III. For Chapter I, the story takes place in a local mall with a very drunk and down on his luck Santa who has lost all faith. Not just in the holiday, but in general. The last of his platoon had died off and he has no other friends or family. Despite getting “let go” for his behavior around the children, he passes out and ends up back at the mall where there’s a sudden power outage and a bunch of Krampus’ little creatures are attacking. For Santa, it’s like he’s back in war and suddenly has a purpose again.

Chapter II follows Sandy Kim, a police officer visiting the grave of her sister, the victim of an automobile accident years previous, on Christmas Eve. As fate would have it, Sandy picks up a guy stealing presents from a residence and it turns out he’s the person responsible for her sister’s death. Can she forgive him? And, more importantly, can they survive the sinister elves surrounding them in the snow storm?

Chapter III is a take on Scrooge with a group of poor homeless shacked up in an abandoned building complex. The wealthy owner decides to move up the demolition of the building to Christmas forcing its occupants to spend their Christmas on the streets. When they overhear that the owner will be out of town for the holidays, they decide to break into his mansion and spend their Christmas there. That is, until he comes home early. But can seeing the error of his ways change his path?

If you’re looking for a fun, horror-themed Christmas comic book, or just want more from the world of KRAMPUS, I strongly recommend checking out this comic. You can find it wherever comic books or sold, or pick it up via Amazon right here.