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Give The Gift Of Nightmares With These TERROR TEDS!

It’s always tough to shop for your fellow horror loving friends, isn’t it? But bless the Internet. A quick search via Instagram usually nets some of the craziest and zaniest results. Case in point – I have just stumbled upon “Terror Teds.”

As if the images don’t say it all, Terror Teds are custom made teddy bears fueled by the stuff of nightmares! Um, just watch this video titled “peek-a-boo” from their Facebook page to see exactly what I mean:

Here’s a brief descriptions about the UK based company:

“‘Caring’ and ‘Sharing’ are not at the top of these little fellas list of priorities. They are more preoccupied with the simple things in life, like figuring out ways to end yours!

Each Ted is lovingly transformed using a variety of professional grade materials and techniques, hand crafted and painted for your sick pleasure. Released in batches of around 10 every fortnight these guys sell out FAST, but don’t be too disappointed if you miss a specific Bear that you had your eye on as a simple message to us will have your chosen Ted put straight onto the operating table and prepared for you……plus, at least you get to live an extra week or so until the next batch is released….

It goes without saying that Terror Teds are not produced for a child audience and not intended as toys.”

If you’d like to invest in one of these little critters, be sure to visit the official Terror Teds website (aka, their official Facebook and their Instagram page.