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5 More Totally Trippy Drug-fueled Horror Films

Last week, we posted 5 awesome trippy drug-fueled horror films on

Check our first five out here-

We thought we would continue the trip and drop five more. Time to open your mind…



Some would argue that this is not a true horror film, but it scared the hell out of me. Supposedly based off the book NAKED LUNCH, the movie focuses more on the life of the writer and his rampant drug use. Oh, its weird, and its David Cronenberg so the weird is also highly sexual and disturbing.




Two guys happen upon a strange drug known as soy sauce that opens portals to other dimensions. This one also made my Netflix picks of the week, as well. It’s currently on Netflix Instant, so be sure to check it out.



THE TRIP (1967)

Directed by the legendary Roger Corman, written by Jack Nicholson and starring Peter Fonda, THE TRIP examines the Los Angeles drug counter culture of the late 1960s and was marketed as a provocative observation into the effects of LSD.  The film was widely popular at the time of its release, and had some censorship problems due to the questionable content.




This wonderful British comedy is not solely about drugs, but it has one of my favorite “trip” scenes ever. A group of coworkers embark on a “team building” retreat in the woods, but a slasher has joined the party.

severance-2006-02-g (1)



This may have been the first “mind fuck” movie I ever saw, and it has stayed with me for decades. A Vietnam War veteran suffers from nightmares that bleed over into his reality. As some of his old platoon members suddenly start dying off decades after the war, the man fears there may have been something else going on at a particular battle.