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Holiday Gift Guide: Ghoulish Gifts for Creepy Kids!


Horror Icons Alphabet Poster

Starting at $12.96 at

The ABCs are the pinnacle of any child’s learning process. The ABCs of horror icons are the pinnacle of any horror tot’s learning process. Designed by Mike Boon, this poster boasts friendly images of some of the biggest names in horror: A for Ash, B for Beetlejuice, C for Chucky, D for Dracula, E for Elvira. Can you name them all?


DRACULA BabyLit Book by Jennifer Adams, art by Alison Oliver

$7.60 at

I bought this for my year-old nephew, figuring you are never to young to learn about Dracula or numbers. The artwork is beautiful and gives a non-scary introduction to Bram Stoker’s classic. With illustrations like “2 Friends” (Mina and Lucy), “7 Diaries and Letters,” and “9 Boxes” (actually coffins), your kids will learn to love literature and not be scared of vampires.


Monster Shoes

$23 at

I wish these adorable, smiling Frankenstein shoes came in adult sizes. They are cute, fashion forward, and perfect for pretty much any occasion.


Stack and Scare Monster Block Set

$50.00 at

This stylized set of blocks are meant to represent monsters, but it isn’t so obvious as to scare little ones. Different shapes and sizes allow kids to be creative – both in how they create the monsters, and how they stack the blocks. We won’t tell if you want to build your own monsters after the kids go to bed.


Bride of Frankenstein’s Monster UglyDoll

$20.00 at

Teach your kids that ugly is adorable with this bride of Frankenstein’s monster UglyDoll.