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Wisconsin Students Creeped Out By Campus Clown

It seems there’s been another spike in reports of creepy clowns on the prowl… this week it’s happening at Carroll University in Waukesha, Wisconsin, where a silently ominous clown in an orange prison jumpsuit has been sighted on multiple occasions stalking the campus grounds.

Local TV stations WKOW and WISN both report that the clown’s presence is disturbing several students — but he’s also becoming a bit of a social phenomenon, with photos of the creepy orange-suited figure popping up on Facebook and Twitter.

Image Credit: Fox6 News
Image Credit: Fox6 News

Although the clown was not identified on-air, Waukesha police claim to know who he really is. Officers informed WISN that the clown is a teenager they describe as “developmentally delayed,” and probably harmless… but they have been in touch with the young man’s mother to see if they can convince him to stop scaring students.

“It would really help us out if he wouldn’t stand out there doing that,” police said.

FOX6 News talked to Anne Linde, who said her 15-year-old son often liked to dress as a clown and other characters, but also stated that he is not allowed to wander far from home… meaning it’s possible the campus sightings are another clown entirely.

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