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12-Year-Old Says Creepypasta Clown ‘Laughing Jack’ Told Her To Kill

When we began our weekly tradition of sharing the strange, fascinating and often terrifying viral legends known as creepypasta, I recounted a tragic real-life case where the line between myth and reality became dangerously blurred: last year, two Wisconsin girls stabbed and nearly killed a classmate, claiming to have done the deed on the orders of Slender Man — the most infamous and well-known of all creepypasta characters. Now, according to a report from the New York Daily News, another creepypasta-related crime has surfaced in Indiana, under almost identical circumstances… only this time, the results were fatal.

An unnamed 12-year-old girl was arrested in July in the stabbing death of her stepmother, after which she allegedly attempted to burn down her family’s Elkhart, IN apartment. According to local CBS affiliate WSBT, newly-released court documents show that the girl claimed to be following the command of “Laughing Jack” — a notorious creepypasta character who resembles a deranged, pointy-nosed clown. The most widely-circulated image of Jack (shown at top) also comes with a frightening description: he is said to be a ruthless murderer of children, who first wins the trust of potential young victims before disemboweling them and stuffing their corpses with candy.

Court documentation reveals that the girl claimed to have heard Jack speaking to her long before the crime was committed, and she had been repeatedly begging her father for help. Ruled mentally unfit to stand trial, she has been diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder and post-traumatic stress, and continues to plead with state officials to help her. Her lawyer told WSBT that 16 different psychiatric facilities have refused to admit her, but as of this writing, a juvenile court order has been issued to move her to a suitable mental institution for proper care.