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Five Creepy & Lesser Known Horror Films Now Streaming on Netflix Instant

Almost time for a nice holiday break! Why not spend your holiday catching up on some horror films you may have missed? Here are a few great (but lesser known) horror titles that are streaming on Netflix Instant the week of November 23rd.

This fun creature feature got a quiet release in 2015. When a logging company begins taking down trees, a nearby small town becomes the victims of a no longer dormant monster.



SHROOMS (2007)
A group of American tourists take psychedelic mushrooms while visiting the Irish countryside. As a murderous slasher enters the picture, the group has problems discerning what is real vs the drugs.



Director David Cronenberg at his best making sociological commentary through the use of highly sexualized gore and creatures! In a futuristic world, game designers are celebrities creating immersive gaming enviroments that mimic real life. As players embark on a beta test for a new game, they become so engaged that the lines between the game and reality break down.

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When a vampirism outbreak strikes the city, a group of survivors travel the apocalyptic landscape in hopes of survival.

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THE HOST (2006)
By far the most well-known of the bunch, this is a fantastic South Korean comedy/creature feature about a giant mutant monster that grows to enormous proportions in the Han River. After it kidnaps a young girl, her rather quirky family must band together to save her. THE HOST is a must see for all horror fans!