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As If SUPERMAN III Wasn’t Terrifying Enough, Here’s The Trailer Cut As A Horror Movie

Next to horror movies, I think my other big love growing up was comic books. And by default, that means I loved any and every comic book movie that ever came out. So we had our gems like 1989’s original BATMAN and our not-so-great gems like the 1990’s CAPTAIN AMERICA movie, which I genuinely love, flaws and all. But Richard Donner’s original 1978 SUPERMAN was a high bench mark for the superhero action genre long before the Marvel Cinematic Universe dominated the silver screen. And there were some bold decisions made when it came to the sequels in the SUPERMAN franchise. One terrifying one? SUPERMAN III. And I’m not talking just because of Richard Pryor.

It’s so weird. I could watch plenty of horror movies as a kid and have minimal nightmares about them. But you know what scared me back then? THE WIZARD OF OZ. WILLY WONKA & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY. And SUPERMAN III. When Vera (Annie Ross) gets sucked into the giant “brainiac-like” machine (see what I did there?) and gets turned into a robot, I was petrified. When Superman turned all dark & gloomy and gets wasted in a bar, I was emotionally torn. (He’s still nicer than the version in MAN OF STEEL.) To a 7 year old boy, this was practically a horror movie.

Well, now the fine fiends over at One Perfect Shot have taken that theory one step further and completely re-cut the trailer for SUPERMAN III to play as if it were in fact a genuine horror flick. It comes courtesy of their video editor Dominick Nero. Check out the creepy results below!

*Source: OnePerfectShot


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