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Let’s Get High: 5 Trippy and Wild Drug Horrors

Let’s tune out and drop in, horror fans, as we stumble through some of the wildest and trippiest drug horror films ever made. Sure, we all need to escape reality sometimes, but these drug-induced flicks are made of pure nightmares.


Back in the hippy heyday, the acid was flowing freely on a California college campus. Now, decades later, the hippies have respectable jobs and families, but the drug is still in their systems causing havoc. A group of ex-acid freaks lose all their hair and go on murderous sprees, and the only man who understands what is going on is also one of the suspects.

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SHROOMS (2007)

A group of college students experiment with “shrooms” while vacationing in Ireland. A slasher seems to be taking them out one by one, all while they begin having trouble disguising the drug trip from reality.





A young man in New York City encounters a strange monster who injects his brain with a euphoric and highly addictive drug in exchange for his delivering the creature plenty of human victims. This is one of Frank Henenlotter’s best!

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Vincent Price appears as a doctor who accidentally discovers the cause of death: a creature lives in our spines- the Tingler. If we scream, the Tingler gets scared and goes back down into our spines. But is we don’t scream, our Tingler will come out and kill us from fright! In order to test his tingly theories, Price uses LSD first on himself and then on some unknowing victims. This is actually one of the first examples of LSD on screen.




During the English Civil War, a group of army deserters are held captive and forced to dig for treasure in a desolate field, all while sampling some of the local psychedelic mushrooms growing there.