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David Bowie Premieres the Chilling, Epic Short Film BLACKSTAR

There are very few artists capable of reinventing themselves to amaze several generations within their own lifetime… and David Bowie stands tall among them. At age 68, the Thin White Duke is still blazing new creative trails, riding high on the amazing success of his 2013 album The Next Day, which thankfully marked the end of a long career hiatus. Bowie apparently never stopped to rest, because he’s already back with a forthcoming album, a new single, and an incredible short film — all of which bear the title BLACKSTAR.


Set to a 10-minute edit of the album track by the same name, this short film is a surreal, abstract and often nightmarish flight of fantasy from Bowie and director Johan Renck (BREAKING BAD).


The images follow a loose story, but are totally open to your own interpretation… suffice to say you’ll be seeing distant planets, zombie scarecrows, jewel-encrusted space skeletons, women with tails, and Bowie himself in elegantly creepy form as your musical narrator.


The album is set for release on January 8 (Bowie’s 69th Birthday), and a very cool limited edition vinyl set is available for pre-order now from Bowie’s web store. But in the meantime, feel the irresistible gravitational pull of BLACKSTAR…