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CHARACTER SHOWDOWN – Who’s Your Favorite Wolfman?

The initial concept behind this “Character Showdown” column was to pit different actors that have portrayed the same character against each other and really analyze what we, as fans, loved about each interpretation. And then vote on our personal favorite. But as the weeks have progressed since our launch, I like to mix things up.

At one point we looked at all the different people behind the Ghostface mask in the SCREAM series. Another week, we looked at Bruce Campbell’s various versions of Ash throughout the EVIL DEAD trilogy. And since earlier this week, I revisited both WOLFMAN movies for my Double Take column, I’ve had werewolf movies on the brain! Why not let our favorite cinematic wolfmen face off against each other then?

Since there’s a ton of werewolf movies out there, and I also didn’t want to limit this solely to the two Universal WOLF MAN movies, I’ve picked my 5 personal favorites. These are the ones that had the biggest impact on me as a monster lover growing up.

So of those 5, which is your favorite Wolf Man?