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9 Magnificently Monstrous Contemporary Frankenstein Art Pieces

This story is part of a series done in partnership between and FOX’s VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN.

Frankenstein’s monster has been portrayed in countless different ways over the years. In honor of VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN, we have decided to take a look at ten modern artworks that have their own take on Frankenstein and his creation.

Donald Trump is so scary, Frankenstein’s monster dresses as him for Halloween!

Unique proportions offer a new perspective on Frankenstein’s monster

Stylized Frankenstein Painted by Blairsculpture on DeviantArt


Frankenstein’s monster plays well little kids.

Frankenstein Creature by XAV-Drawordie on DeviantArt


Mike Mahle creates a creepy take on the Modern Prometheus.

Frankenstein by MikeMahle on DeviantArt


An anime take on Frankenstein – with some severely mismatched feet


A great mash-up of Frankenstein at the Garbage Pail Kids 

Famous Monsters Frankenstein by deathbox-was-taken on DeviantArt


A modern update to Frankenstein’s traditional monster

Frankenstein’s Monster-bust final clay by RandyHand on DeviantArt


How many monsters does it take to put Frankenstein’s creation back together?

Luxury of Monsters by SeizureDemon on DeviantArt

Frankenstein’s monster needs a little more to keep himself together than stitches.

Frankenstein by GrantPAdams on DeviantArt

Sometimes monsters make mistakes. Frankenstein looks like he is sorry!

Frankenstein Monster Mug Shot by KevinGentilcore on DeviantArt


VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN artwork by Paul Justelius-Wright-




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