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This Prison May Soon Be Guarded by Crocodiles, Tigers and Piranhas

Image Credit: iStock/Becky Jenson

To deal with security issues at an isolated death-row prison, Indonesian officials are considering measures straight out of a James Bond villain’s playbook: in addition to the usual armed guards, the island-based maximum security compound may also be surrounded by wild tigers on land, and equally dangerous crocodiles & piranha fish in the surrounding waters.

Image Credit: iStock/itsme23
Image Credit: iStock/itsme23

Reuters reported that Budi Waseso, chief of Indonesia’s Narcotics Board, is actually giving serious thought to employing the deadly animal guards — despite an earlier comment from government representatives claiming the whole idea was a joke.

Waseso told reporters that he had already obtained two crocodile specimens in order to evaluate their aggressiveness (he didn’t explain exactly how he was going to test this, and I’m not sure I want to know), and would consider populating the waters surrounding the prison island with hundreds of the reptiles, as well importing flesh-eating piranhas from South America.

Image Credit: iStock/DPLight
Image Credit: iStock/DPLight

“We could use tigers too,” he added, “for conservation at the same time.”


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