The 13th Floor

5 MORE Disturbing Horror Shorts You can Watch Online Now!

Got 10 minutes? You have enough time for some horror! Check out the excellent horror shorts below. Each one has been carefully selected by and is guaranteed to satisfied your midday horror craving.


He Dies at the End

Sometimes knowing the ending ahead of time only amps the tension.



A cool twist on Google Earth, Evan discovers a mysterious person threatening his house that he can only see on his cell phone.


The Black Hole

A Xerox machine anomaly creates a portal to greed.


The French Doors

I saw this short during a film night at the now sadly closed Jumpcut Café in Los Angeles. A home renovator purchases a used pair of French doors and discovers that they lead him somewhere new.



An eerie sea tale about a boat that gets strange new passenger.

SEA DEVIL from Calavera on Vimeo.