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Twilight Time Blu-Ray Check List!

In this day and age of high def home entertainment, thankfully there’s no shortage of labels putting out really great horror, sci-fi and cult titles on Blu-Ray on a regular basis. But one of the more boutique indie DVD labels out there has got to be Twilight Time.

A lot of genre fans have caused a stir regarding obtaining some of their horror titles, most of which sell out rather quickly, and curse them when people on Amazon or eBay jack up the price. But those people don’t understand how Twilight Time works and the unique nature by which they do business. We’ve done two full episodes of the Killer POV podcast with TT’s Nick Redman that go into great detail about how they operate, both of which you can listen to right here on episode 77 and here on episode 118. It’s rather simple. There are only 2 retailers on the internet that offer Twilight Time titles, and that’s Twilight Time themselves via their website, or Screen Archives. Most are capped to avoid people over buying multiple copies and later reselling them. And if you keep tabs on their Twitter or Facebook page, they usually post when there are low numbers on specific titles.

It’s Friday the 13th and maybe you’re craving some new genre material out of the norm. Well, just in case you missed these, we wanted to give you a check list to some of the latest Twilight Time movies that should be on your radar and in your collection.

Other titles you might dig: THE OTHER, AUDREY ROSE and THE BELIEVERS. Definitely keep tabs on all future TWILIGHT TIME releases and announcements via their website, Facebook and Twitter pages!