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Five Things About AMERICAN HORROR STORY: HOTEL, Episode 506 — ‘Room 33’

Rather than just recapping the most recent episode of AMERICAN HORROR STORY: HOTEL, each week we are going to break it down into the most interesting, weird, delightful, and mind-boggling bits… like these!

1. The Murder House

Anyone who has been watching AHS will recognize the Murder House in the cold open from season one. The Countess goes to Dr. Montgomery seeking an abortion. She claims to be three weeks pregnant, but is watch-your-shoes big. The abortion doesn’t quite go according to plan, and the Countess walks away with a “baby.”

2. The Countess Loves Her “Baby”

Tonight’s episode is the first time we learn anything of the Countess’ “baby,” Bartholomew, but both times we see her visit, she seems to be dressed up just for him. The first time she wears an angelic, flowing white gown that looks a little too much like a wedding dress. The second time she wears a structured black ball gown.


3. Bartholomew’s Reveal

I keep referring to the “baby” in quotes because it is about as much a baby as the “baby” in ERASERHEAD. It was a weird reveal. The entire episode, we don’t even get a glimpse at Bartholomew; just a few POV shots that feel like we are looking at the world through the eyes of Belial from BASKET CASE. When we finally see Bartholomew, it is the final shot of the episode and “he” is only on screen for a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment. I’m sure we will see more of it in upcoming episodes, but it seemed like such a waste.

4. Kara

In tonight’s episode, Donovan tells the tale of Kara, an elementary school teacher who came to the Hotel Cortez to kill herself. In the episode, she slits her wrists in the bathtub and her body sits and rots for months, leaving the water on the fifth floor to “taste of Kara.” I don’t understand why bathwater is being circulated through the hotel. But this story is based on a real-life incident that happened in a Los Angeles hotel. Elisa Lam, a Canadian tourist, was found floating in the water cistern in the Cecil Hotel. This cistern supplied the hotel with water for the baths, showers, and sinks. It was nearly a month before Lam’s body was discovered, after complaints about the taste of the water. You shouldn’t be drinking water straight from the tap in Los Angeles anyway.

5. One Caress

In the opening sex scene between Liz Taylor and Tristan, they play Depeche Mode’s “One Caress.” This is a unique choice for song because it wasn’t a single. It is especially meaningful to me because this was our first dance song when my husband and I got married.


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