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We Attended Slamdance’s JACK BROOKS: MONSTER SLAYER Reunion Screening!

Slamdance Cinema Club continues its screenings of great fare, and this week was no exception when Hollywood’s Arclight Cinema hosted a screening of JACK BROOKS: MONSTER SLAYER.

For those that missed this horror/comedy romp when it premiered back in 2007, it follows the story of Jack Brooks (Trevor Matthews), an angry young plumber who has repressed the memory of witnessing his family’s brutal murder. It is only when he unknowingly awakens an ancient evil that he is forced to confront his past and deal with the monstrous reality of the present — in the process discovering the true purpose of his inner rage.


This genre spectacle features wonderful practical effects, gloriously hungry undead, and a wonderful performance laden with physical comedy by Robert Englund (A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET). Fans of the EVIL DEAD series or early Peter Jackson (DEAD ALIVE) are likely to get a kick out of this action packed romp.

I hosted a Q&A session at the Arclight with Trevor Matthews (lead actor and producer), Patrick White (producer) and John Ainslie (writer), where it was revealed that although there are no concrete development plans in place for a sequel, it is most definitely not off the table.

To stay in touch with more screenings like this, you can follow the Slamdance Cinema Club on Facebook. To stay abreast of the year round fodder that Slamdance curates, visit the Slamdance website.

For a recap of the event, check out the video below!


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