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Yet Another 5 Underrated and Obscure Vampire Movies

Last week, I first posted 5 underrated and obscure vampire movies here-

But I found so many great titles while researching that I posted another 5 here-

Now, here are my 5 final underrated and obscure vampire films (and one runner-up). All of these are fine examples of how sometimes the undead can also be undeservedly unnoticed by contemporary mainstream cinema goers.

VAMP (1986)


A surprisingly funny 80s horror comedy, VAMP is about a group of college students who decide to hire a stripper for a party and find themselves on the seedy side of town being pursued by the undead.

THIRST (2009)


This Korean horror film is written and directed by genre veteran Park Chan-wook, also known for the OLDBOY trilogy and STOKER. In THRIST, a Catholic priest is accidentally turned into a vampire after a medical procedure and falls in love with a close friend’s wife. Though not a traditional vampire tale, this one is highly stylized, emotional and brilliantly woven.




NOCTURNA is not for everyone, but a small amount of B-movie lovers will find appreciation in this hard-to-find disco classic. Transylvania has evolved over the decades, and Dracula now owns the hottest disco nightclub frequented by all the wildest vamps. Dracula’s disco queen granddaughter decides she needs more and takes her disco-dancing blood-sucking lifestyle to New York City. This one is totally B-grade, almost C. But the fun content, jiving soundtrack, and disco lingo make this an amusingly campy romp.


HABIT (1995)


One of the first features by horror icon Larry Fessenden, HABIT centers around the Bohemian art scene of New York City in the late 90s and a young man (played by Fessenden) who falls mad in love with a mysterious woman he believes is a vampire.




One of the best known Jess Franco films, VAMPYRIS LESBOS hails from both the Euro-sleaze camp as well as the glut of vampire lesbian films made in the 70s. Like most Franco films, the plot moves quite slow, but the stunning visuals and psychedelic soundtrack will keep you spellbound.




I can’t call this a good movie…but it’s worth a mention since it is one of the most batshit crazy features I’ve ever seen. First recommended to me on an episode of KILLER POV by THE CROW writer David Schow, THE HOBO VAMPIRE is like nothing I had ever seen before or likely will again. It’s weird, uncomfortable, awkward, poorly made, and yet somehow mesmerizing. A group of scientists fire a vampire into space, but the rocket fails, and he falls back to earth landing in Mexico City. There he resumes his blood-thirsty lifestyle and joins alliances with the local homeless population. Just plain bizarre.