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A Clown! A Ghost! Here’s Two 15 Second Scares From Clint Carney!

Here at, we love showcasing horror art, and we also love showcasing horror shorts. Last month, we had a chat with Clint Carney, a well established Los Angeles based “dark artist” who also fronts the band System Syn. He also happens to be a writer and filmmaker. And one of the pieces we discussed in his interview was the creepy “I’m Funnier With My Nose.” As part of the Crypt TV‘s challenge for filmmakers to create 15 second scares for Instagram, he adapted that wacky painting into this even wackier short. Not only that, but there’s another quick 15 second segment with a spooky headless ghost! This one however was culled from his recently completed feature film DRY BLOOD. We’ve got both of them embedded below, along with some commentary from Carney himself about the inspirations for them. Enjoy! You have a painting titled “I’m much funnier with my nose.” I assume that was the inspiration? And why the fixation on this facet of clowns? It’s the type of title that definitely immediately evokes something kind of terrifying!

Clint Carney: My painting of the same title was definitely the spark for the idea behind this short. I’ve also been working on a feature script about clowns, which references the 1944 Hartford Circus fire, which is the backdrop of the short. 167 people died at that circus and hundreds more were injured. The poster on the back wall in the upper left is actually a real poster for that particular circus. As you can see, this film is extremely short, so rather than telling a complete story with it, I attempted to treat it more as a moving piece of art, by showcasing a grotesque juxtaposition between the comedy of clowns and this real life horror. And besides, I love clowns; they are simultaneously funny and scary, so what’s not to love? The second clip is scary as hell on it’s own! But in actuality, it’s a 15 second snippet from a film you’re working on called DRY BLOOD. What can you tell us about that?

Clint Carney: “DRY BLOOD” is the first feature film that I produced. It was directed by the immensely talented Kelton Jones. We’re taking it on the festival circuit in 2016, with the hopes of bringing it to the mass audience later that year. I’ve pretty much lived and breathed that movie for the last eight months. Aside from producing, I also wrote the script, acted in it, and basically was there hands-on every step of the way from conception through post-production. We were very lucky to have an amazing cast and crew working on it, and I must say, I think the final product is going to scare the shit out of people. If you like this little teaser clip, I guarantee you’re going to love the film. It’s really fucked up. I’m super proud of it!

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