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800-Pound Alligator Invades Texas Shopping Center

Image Credit: iStock/FloridaGator

A humongous alligator — appropriately nicknamed “Godzilla” — was found wandering around a shopping center in Sugar Land, Texas on Saturday morning, according to Associated Press.

The 800-pound behemoth was discovered by shopping center staff when they came to work in the morning, and it seems the gator had wandered onto the property from a nearby creek. Fortunately, no one was hurt by the reptile, who is estimated at 50 years old, almost totally blind and missing a chunk of his tail.

Christy Kroboth, a state-licensed expert at trapping “nuisance alligators,” was called in to restrain and remove Godzilla from the premises after which he was transported to an alligator reserve in El Campo, TX. He is now presumably enjoying his retirement years in comfort… and maybe dreaming about eating people; it’s hard to say.

The process of trapping Godzilla wasn’t easy, and reportedly required the assistance of area police, as well as a large forklift — which Kroboth borrowed from the nearby Home Depot.

AP has a clip of Kroboth vs. Godzilla… check it out: