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5 Must Own 3D Blu-Rays!

Man oh man. I am a 3D junkie. I just love it. But mind you, I’m not talking about spending the extra cash, getting the bulky glasses and seeing a predominantly darkly projected movie in the movie theaters. No, I love 3D movies in the home environment! In fact, I often skip seeing 3D movies in the theater just so I can enjoy them in the comfort of my own home.

Simplest reason? In order for the 3D to work properly while projected, the image needs to be much brighter than usual. The types of bulbs used for theatrical projection often tend to be on the pricey side, so rather than invest in those, most theater chains just show them projected regularly and you tend to have a much darker image that prevents you from enjoying proper 3D. However, on a home set-up, there’s no bulbs involved. Your TV adjusts accordingly and if you have your television calibrated properly, it should look better than ever.

I should become a 3D TV salesman, because anytime I have friends over, I usually show them snippets of the following titles to convince them that having a 3D TV is a fun way to host movie screenings in your own home. Here’s 5 horror specific titles that I think you need to have as part of your 3D collection.

These 5 not enough for you? Don’t worry. I’ll be back tomorrow with 5 more 3D Blu-Ray recommendations!