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Take a Look Behind the Scenes of TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE, Season 3!

The third season of Glass Eye Pix’s astounding horror radio drama TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE is now underway, and as we’ve clued you in previously, there’s some amazing talent at work on these creepy, immersive audio presentations.

You’ll get to hear from several of these genre greats in this recently posted featurette from Glass Eye Pix, which offers a candid look at the making of Season 3 – including Glass Eye’s founder, the multi-talented Larry Fessenden (writer-director-star of HABIT, recently appearing in WE ARE STILL HERE and THE MIND’S EYE) and writer-director Glenn McQuaid (I SELL THE DEAD, V/H/S). The pair share some cool and often hilarious stories about the show’s origins, discuss the challenges of working in an audio-only medium, and even play an excerpt from THE HOUND — an H.P. Lovecraft adaptation featuring RE-ANIMATOR alumni Stuart Gordon, Barbara Crampton, Dennis Paoli and Richard Band.

Directed by Adam Barnick (whose horror documentary WHAT IS SCARY? is currently in production), the following clip pulls no punches in revealing the wildly creative minds behind TALES’ most ambitious season yet. Check it out!