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Retro Promenade Pay Musical Tribute To ARGENTO!

Last year, Retro Promenade paid tribute to the great music of John Carpenter by having various artists compose new tunes inspired by his movies and scores. It included artists such as Lazerhawk, GUNSHIP and VHS Glitch. This past weekend, they dropped a brand new 4 song EP paying tribute to yet another one of the “masters of horror.” This time it’s Dario Argento!

Full Eclipse, Jaunter, Von Hertzog and Who Ha deliver new tracks in honor of the Italian horror master of suspense! You can check out ARGENTO on Bandcamp. And it’s set at a “name your price” price point, which means kick in whatever you can. If you want to download it for FREE, you can. It’ll just cost you your email to sign up for their mailing list. (Which is worth it, because that’s how we found out about this new EP.) Happy listening!


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