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This Creepy Walking Doll Has the Entire World Horrified

It started a few years ago in Saltillo, Mexico, when someone shot footage of an unnervingly lifelike doll… a doll with black, soulless eyes… a doll that is shown holding a woman’s hand and apparently walking on its own.

YouTube user Antonio Lopez uploaded the clip, which has recently gone viral; to date it’s been shared millions of times, causing legions of viewers worldwide to scream “KILL IT! KILL IT WITH FIRE!”

According to Lopez, the unnamed woman seen walking the doll in the video has owned the toy for almost 40 years. It’s rumored to come from a freaky line of realistic walking dolls called “Lily Lady,” first produced in the 1970s and featuring a walking mechanism which activates when you grab the doll’s hand… but this has not been fully confirmed as of this writing.

YouTube commenters have since mentioned owning a toy like this one. If they’re not just stoking the fires of urban myth, that means there could be many more of these things out there, walking around…