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5 Frightening and Fun Horror Short Films You Can Watch Online Right Now

Have a a quick 10 minutes to spare during a coffee break? You have time for some horror! Check out these five chilling short films below.

MONSTER PROBLEMS– Every Halloween, Adam Green’s company, ArieScope Pictures (HATCHET, HOLLISTON), releases a short film. This year’s short is especially fun demonstrating the power of the bed blanket when fighting monsters!

PEEKERS– Holy crap! This one is disturbing as hell and affirms my belief that the elderly are sorely under-utilized in horror films!

ALMA– This is one sinister cartoon, like if Pixar made horror films!

THE TEN STEPS– Recommended to us by Kevin Lehane (writer of the awesome movie GRABBERS), this award-winning Irish short is wonderfully terrifying!

SLUMBER PARTY– Jenn Wexler’s twisted version of the classic mirror game “Bloody Mary”!


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