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Would You Watch a GHOSTBUSTERS Sitcom? Hell Yeah, You Would!

Before you get too excited, the video you’re about to see isn’t actually a promo for a forthcoming TV sitcom based on Ivan Reitman’s classic 1984 horror-comedy and its 1989 sequel; it’s really a drop-dead brilliant edit job by the folks at IFC, who are airing GHOSTBUSTERS for Halloween. Sorry to bust your bubble there.

But still, you’re gonna love this clip — and I’m kind of baffled that a GHOSTBUSTERS fan with similar edit skills hasn’t tried this before… or if they did, it never caught fire online. There’s little to no tampering with the original footage; the editor took the title cards for the actors and director directly from the end-credit sequences for both films (even Slimer gets his moment in the spotlight). Even the horrendously awful theme music captures that ’80s TV groove.

So, without further ado, here’s a tribute to a dream that, alas, will never be fulfilled exactly the way we’d like it to be…

GHOSTBUSTERS airs on IFC starting this Friday, October 30th. Check their website for the full Halloween programming schedule.