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CHRISTINE Pulled Up Into Burbank This Past Weekend

This past weekend in Burbank, CA, good ol’ CHRISTINE pulled straight out of the Stephen King novel / John Carpenter movie and parked herself right in front of Dark Delicacies! The occasion? Why a celebration for the newly release CHRISTINE Blu-Ray. Up until this month, the only way to obtain a copy of the flick in High Def was if you were lucky enough to snag one of the Twilight Time releases from several years back. Thankfully, Sony has heard the fans voices and decided to gift us with a proper full on release.

Guests on hand for the special signing included Alexandra Paul, William Ostrander, Malcolm Danare, Steven Tash, Stu Charno, Alan Howarth, Don Morgan and photographer Kim Gottlieb-Walker. Fans were able to purchase copies of the Blu-Ray to be signed and there was also a special photo op with the guest of honor herself CHRISTINE.

If you live in the Los Angeles area, be sure to keep tabs on the official Dark Delicacies Facebook page, as well as their official website so you don’t miss out on cool events like this! Not in the LA area? No worries! You can actually pre-order items from any upcoming signing and have them signed by attending guests. Below’s a gallery of the fans and guests from the CHRISTINE signing. We’ll see you at the next one!


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