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Checking out CreepLA, a New Disturbing Haunted Experience!

There’s a new-kid-on-the-block in the ever-expanding world of haunts. CreepLA has opened its doors to reveal their take on the dark abyss of this creepy sub-culture.
Creep LA is not your ‘run of the mill’ haunt. There are no zombies with chainsaws, ghouls or demons to be seen at this event. The fear that the creators have played on is real-life horrors, scary people who don’t wear masks. Maniacs, stalkers and serial killers have all been thrown into the mix with this immersive boutique experience.



There has been a steady amount of buzz surrounding this enterprise, and it is easy to see why when you visit their website which has the flair of an urbane hipster layout with a nefarious twist. Produced by a group of theatrical artists, this haunt is designed to give you a personalized touch without taking things as far as some of the extreme haunts that are spread across California. Inspired by the artistic vignettes they witnessed at New York’s “Sleep No More”, Creep LA’s creators, Justin Fix and Jeremy Scott, have out-done themselves with their interpretation of fear.

Fix told Blumhouse “At the beginning of the process, I interviewed a plethora of enthusiasts, and I heard true stories of people who had either had encounters happen in their towns or deep dark secrets that they shared, and it really started to affect me. It made me realize that people, at the end of the day, are far creepier than bogeymen. The sole intent is to really focus on visuals and how scary real human beings can actually be”

Prior to entering the maze, a haunting rendition of Radiohead’s ‘Creep’ is fittingly played, lulling you into a feeling of enchantment, mixed with excitement and fear. After being given a safe word (Yes, there is a safe word), guests are taken through in groups of six. The creepy actors seem to pay particular attention to individuals’ names, thus creating a feeling of dread that you may be singled out. Lead through the darkness by a masked man with a perpetual grin, one can encounter strange voices lurking in voids of darkness and some rather unsavory characters along the way.


The first room to be confronted with is a teenage girls bedroom complete with two catholic schoolgirls talking about things like Twitter and The Bloody Mary legend. You can’t help but feel that you have been transported to the opening scene of a teen slasher film. From the girls bedroom onwards there are twists and turns. You are never just walking either, at times you will be made to crawl, run and sometimes even get lost in a haze of fog.
What is so wonderful about CREEP is that it takes its time. The duration is probably around the thirty-minute mark and all of it is spent completely immersed in extremely involved moments spawned from the creator’s vivid imagination. The concept of what a haunt is has started to really shift, and CreepLA is a great example of what some of the fringe artists are capable of achieving by simply allowing their imaginations to run wild.
CreepLA is located at 718 E Jackson St in the LA Arts District and runs from October 2nd through Halloween on weekends, as well as some weeknights.


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