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13 Kickass Japanese LaserDisc Covers

There may be some of you out there who have never heard of a LaserDisc. You make us feel old, but you were also kind of missing out. Naturally technology has evolved beyond these giant optical discs, which were about the size of a vinyl record, but there was a time when LaserDiscs represented the best audio/video quality on the market, and although they never quite caught on in the United States they absolutely dominated the Asian marketplace for decades.

That’s just one of the reasons why Japanese LaserDisc covers looked so much cooler than their American counterparts. Many American LaserDiscs just took the rectangular-shaped VHS box art and slapped it in the center of a square. But the best LaserDisc covers treated the box art with as much respect as the classic vinyl album covers of yore. They were meant to be displayed and appreciated, not just purchased and tucked away on a shelf.

Finding high quality LaserDisc art online can be a real chore. We would like to thank the many LaserDisc tribute sites and particularly the now-defunct “Urban Chou” for curating the art for many of these discs over the years. These 13 Kickass Japanese LaserDisc Covers are but a small token of our affection for a forgotten medium. Look more of these fabulous covers up online!


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