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5 Fun Facts We Learned From The ARMY OF DARKNESS Blu-Ray

Do you guy realize that we’re a mere few days away from the premiere of ASH VS EVIL DEAD on Starz?! If you’re fixin’ to see where we last left Ashley J. Williams (the great Bruce Campbell), the fine fiends over at Scream Factory have got you covered.

Now available on a 3-disc set is the ultimate Blu-Ray collector’s edition of ARMY OF DARKNESS, complete with 4 (!) different versions of the movie, all of the commentaries and special features from all previous editions carted over, and most importantly, a brand-new 97 minute documentary courtesy of Michael Felsher’s Red Shirt Pictures, edited by TALES OF HALLOWEEN co-director Andrew Kasch.

If you’re a collector, then no doubt you’ve seen the Red Shirt logo come up at the end of some of your favorite special features and MIDEVIL TIMES: THE MAKING OF ARMY OF DARKNESS is among one of their best!

As much as I know about this franchise as a die-hard EVIL DEAD fan, there’s always plenty of fun new things to be discovered. Here are just 5 little tid-bits we learned from the feature length doc on the disc.

I’m literally only scratching the surface on all the fun revelations regarding ARMY OF DARKNESS. As I mentioned previously, the documentary runs a good 97 minutes, so there’s plenty more to discover for yourself. Be sure to check out Scream Factory’s new Blu-Ray of ARMY OF DARKNESS before Starz unleashes ASH VS EVIL DEAD!