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Can You Solve the Mystery of this Disturbing Viral Video?

We’ve previously introduced you to some of the creepiest paranormal videos ever posted to YouTube (be sure to check them out if you’re ready for a sleepless night), but this find might be even more disturbing; despite making no claims to being supernatural in nature, there is something about this clip – and particularly the cryptic messages embedded in it – which makes me feel like my brain has just been infected by some kind of nightmare virus.

The visual content is spooky, but nothing too scary… just a hooded, gloved figure wearing a replica of an old-time “plague doctor” mask, standing between the crumbling window frames of a decrepit room. The figure makes only a few hand gestures, one of which reveals a small round crystal in the palm of the right hand, flashing on and off in sequence. But it’s the subliminal and hidden messages in this video that have people mystified and creeped out.

If you watch carefully, you will notice some flickering images and shapes scattered throughout the clip, and of course there’s that distorted digital noise on the soundtrack. None of these are random; every flash-frame and blast of static contains a message, and ever since Swedish blogger Johny Krahbichler posted it to his site, claiming that he’d received the video via mail from somewhere in Poland, the web has been buzzing with attempts to solve the puzzle embedded within it. Since then, it has also been posted on 4chan by an anonymous user who claimed to have “found it on a park bench.”

The most disturbing elements seem to be buried in the sound design: when one Reddit user ran the audio frequencies through Sound Visualizer spectrogram software, they unlocked images of torture and murder, along with the words “YOU ARE ALREADY DEAD.”


Horror fans were able to verify that the images found so far are not real, but still frames from low-budget films like THE BUNNY GAME (which depicts a woman being brutalized by a truck-driving serial killer).


As the hunt continues, some intrepid tech detectives managed to narrow down the location of the building in the video, which corresponds to abandoned Zofiówka Sanatorium in Otwok, Poland.

The hunt continues, and anyone interested in investigating should visit the Reddit thread where the buzz first began. But be careful what you search for… you just might find it.