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Behind-the-Scenes of the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE GHOST DIMENSION Haunted Car Video Shoot

This story is part of a series done in partnership between and PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE GHOST DIMENSION.

The final installment in the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY franchise hits theaters this week, and we here at Blumhouse are pretty excited. THE GHOST DIMENSION follows the Fleeges family who upon moving into their new home discover a rather interesting video camera in the basement. This video camera is different to your regular type because it can capture things that the naked eye can’t see- like things of the paranormal kind.BH3

This got us thinking about Spirit Photography and how great it would be to actually capture the image of something paranormal in a photo. We’ve all heard of movie sets being haunted. THE AMITYVILLE HORROR is a classic case that springs to mind, but it isn’t always the sets that are plagued by unearthly apparitions. Sometimes it can be an object. For instance, the Mazda Miata from the original PARANORMAL ACTIVITY has had more than its fair share of strange occurrences. Quite a few crew members have reported strange things that happened to them when they were in its presence. So much so, Jason Blum was so intrigued by the car that he decided to hold onto it.

This week, we decided it was time to visit the Blumhouse storage vaults, get the car out of hibernation, and take it to the streets to unleash its presence on the public to see if any new paranormal happenings would take place. Leaving no stone unturned, we were determined to capture something ghostly on film. So we put together a team to capture every angle, at all times and try our hand at Spirit Photography.


We assembled a crew with an insatiable appetite for unearthly things. We needed to be sure that these guys would be able to handle things if they got too creepy.  Jim Kunz (ELVIRA’S MOVIE MACABRE) handled the camera along with a carefully crafted production group.


One by one, brave passers by stepped inside our macabre Mazda Miata. Our crew captured these curious horror lovers who put their own personal safety aside to experience the vulnerable situation of sitting inside a car with such a haunted background. As the night progressed, a few interesting things did happen which left us all scratching our heads. Here are a few pictures, but click below to see our full video.