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6 Upcoming Horror Movie Releases Just in Time for Halloween

Check out these upcoming horror releases, some older titles getting a fancy Blu-ray release and some new ones playing at theaters near you. All of these are perfect additions to your Halloween celebrations!

THE GIFT (Releasing to Blu-ray on 10-27-15)

Box office smash, THE GIFT, is a Hitchcockian thriller directed by Joel Edgerton. A married couple have their lives twisted into chaos when an “old friend” appears out of no where and begins preforming seemingly kind acts for them.


BONE TOMAHAWK (Releasing to theaters 10-23-15)

Oh boy- this one is great! Extreme, but great! Set in the Wild West, a group sets out to takedown a clan of cannibalistic cave dwellers who have kidnapped a man’s wife. This is packed with genre notables including Kurt Russell!


ARMY OF DARKNESS: COLLECTOR’S EDITION (Releasing to Blu-ray on 10-27-15)

Ash and his lot of primitive screwheads are finally getting a nice Blu-ray release via Scream Factory. The bonus features on this one look killer. Hail to the king, Baby!


PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE GHOST DIMENSION (Releasing to theaters on 10-23-15)

If you’ve been a fan of the prior PA franchise flicks, be sure not to miss this final inclusion in the found footage saga. This one boasts that “you will see the activity”, and from the trailer it looks pretty intense.


PHASE IV (Releasing to Blu-ray on 10-27-15)

PHASE IV is a classic Australian horror pic that focuses on scientists studying ants. They soon realize the ants are far more intelligent than thought, and now the insects are taking over the landscape and laboratory. PHASE IV is legendary for using real ants in all scenes and somehow even training them to “preform” in cue. This one is a tad dry at times, but if your bug squeamish or a classic sci-fi buff, it’s a lot of fun.


SCOUTS GUIDE TO THE ZOMBIE APOCOLYPSE (Releasing to theaters on 10-30-15)

While camping, three scouts encounter the undead and are forced to defend their town against the zombie apocalypse in this upcoming comedy/horror film.



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