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The 10 Goriest Video Games Ever Made!

Hope you’re not squeamish. Here we have collected ten of the bloodiest, most disgusting video games you will ever play. Many of these games have been banned from release in multiple countries and have horrified parents around the world.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you…


This entire series should warrant automatic inclusion, but the latest installment really takes things to the next level. The fighting game is bloody enough, but as always it’s all about the Fatalities, and there are just too many wonderful ones to pick from here.

Forget the good old days when you merely ripped someone’s head off (spine attached), in MORTAL COMBAT X you can have Goro can rip off all four limbs of an opponent off with all four of his arms. Or how about playing as Mileena, who can shred an opponent in half with her claws as the poor victim tries to crawl away, eventually separating the top half of their body before collapsing, dead? But perhaps the best fatality of them all sees Scorpion throwing a fireball straight through an opponent’s midsection, leaving a gaping hole that their heart drops down into. Not enough for Scorpion, he whips out his sword and cleaves off the front of the opponent’s face, leaving them to fall to the ground where their bisected brain and tongue slide slowly out of their former cavities. Gnarly.

Mortal Kombat X Fatality



Basically a car combat game in the style of DEATH RACE 2000, there are three ways to win a race in CARMAGEDDON. First, you can actually win the race by driving really well, which is silly, because who’s going to do that? Second, you can destroy all your competitors by smashing them into pieces  Third, and hardest, you can hunt down and run over every single civilian walking around the level.

Of course it’s likely that you’re going to run over a lot of people no matter which way you try to win a race, because each map generally has roaming pedestrians, who are clearly not paying attention to the news that a bunch of maniacs are tearing up the streets in war machines.

CARMAGEDDON received a lot of outrage upon release and it’s easy to see why- when you hit a hapless innocent (or unlucky cow) they positively explode into a mess of blood and guts. The fact that it’s so obviously satire was lost on a lot of politicians, but when are they ever good at a thing like that?



There’s a reason this game was banned in multiple countries. Hell, it barely even made it out in the United States, as it receiving an AO (Adults-only) rating that would have effectively blocked it from being sold in stores until Rockstar Games toned it down a bit, blurring some of the most brutal killings and removing a scoring system that made murder into (even more of) a game.

But that’s really what MANHUNT is about- killing. The story? Throwaway nonsense, but the gore? Exquisite, especially if you can get your hands on an uncensored copy of the game. The main mechanic of the game is to sneak up behind people and kill them, and the longer you hold the button to kill them, the more brutal the attack is. For instance, there’s a simple pen, which seems like an innocent enough object, but you can turn it into one of the most horrifying implements around. If you kill someone with it in a hasty manner you’ll simply stab them in the neck, but if you bide your time you can see an animation that sees our hero (?) stabbing them in the eyes and face, which the poor victim tries to block with their hands, which leaves their stomach open to stabs. You’ll then rip them open from the stomach all the way to their throat before throwing them on the ground. That’s one of tamer of the dozens of possible executions you can commit. If any game ever deserved an AO rating, this is it.

Manhunt 2


The entire DEAD SPACE 2 series is full of pretty gross creatures and death sequences, but the second one has a scene that is easily the most cringe-worthy of them all.

At a point in the game poor Isaac Clarke will come across one “Noontech Diagnostic Machine”, an innocuous enough name for a machine that STABS YOU IN THE EYEBALL WITH A NEEDLE. You’ll realize you have to enter the MRI-looking machine in order to stop everything bad from befalling the universe, so there’s really no choice for you. You climb in it and metal clamps shoot out to hold you down as the machine spreads your eyelids wide, Clockwork Orange-style. Then an absolutely massive needle starts to descend, straight at Isaac’s retina. Slowly, slowly, the giant needle gets closer to his eye, as Isaac’s heart rate starts to explode and he starts to squirm. Miss the mark, and you’ll be treated to a sequence where the machine smashes the entire needle straight through your face. Hit the mark and Isaac still gets a needle jammed straight into his eye. It’s lose/lose, and indicative of the bloody good time the rest of the game is.

Dead Space 2 Needle


Raven Software’s shooter would have been overlooked if not for its incredible violence, thanks to its appropriately named GHOUL engine. This engine gave each person’s body 26 separate zones to target, allowing you for the first time to shoot through (and off) various parts of a human’s body and see appropriate damage, something that was unheard of when this game released in 2000. Before then, no one took the time to render a body’s intestines, but SOLDIER OF FORTUNE gave you plenty of chances to see inside the human body. If you chose you could shoot off all of an enemy’s limbs and leave them as a torso.

Best/worst part? Using a shotgun to blast off an enemy’s head completely, which left behind a ragged, blood-spurting stump.



Kratos is the most hilariously angry video game protagonist of them all, but at least he backs up his anger with plenty of extreme violence. Not content to just cut enemies to ribbons or smash them to pieces, Kratos generally executes his foes with extreme prejudice, his sneering scowl never once leaving his lip.

Over the course of the game you’ll disembowel creatures, blind cyclops by ripping their eyes out with your bare hands, and straight up rip off Helios’ head in order to use him as a flashlight. Yet somehow he keeps his pale complexion through all the bloodshed!

It’s rare to see a popular AAA title this violent, but this is not a tame game but any means.

God of War Helios Kill


If you ever got tired of hunting ducks using the NES Zapper, did you know that you could always go to a torture dungeon and shoot people to pieces? It’s true!

Originally an arcade title, Nintendo denied CHILLER a license for a port in 1990, but that didn’t stop American Game Cartridges in releasing it for the 8-bit system anyway. Most of the game features helpless victims bound by medieval torture devices and it’s your job to kill each one as quickly as possible. You can just shoot them individually but they’re stubborn and take multiple shots to die (sometimes leaving their heads half-shot off), so you can just use the torture implements instead to speed up the process.



The name alone should tip you off about the contents of this game. This is the 2010 reboot of the franchise which features the masked, hulking protagonist that can smash enemies to bits with no problem. As you do the entire room and the screen itself will become more and more splattered with blood until there are positively rivers of it flowing.

But the best part is that if you take damage you’ll see you will see it in real-time, as your flesh gets ripped off all the way down to the bone. You’ll regenerate it eventually but until then you’ve got a nice look at his inner workings of the human body. What’s more, if your arm gets ripped off (which can happen more often than you’d think) you can simply pick it up with the other one and use it to bludgeon more monsters into smithereens.




One of the most authentic sniper games around is also easily the most violent. Every time you get a killing shot on an enemy in SNIPER ELITE you are treated to a slow-motion bullet ballet as you watch the bullet zoom towards your target, entering and exiting the body as you are treated to an x-ray view of all the bones, organs and veins inside reacting to a bullet smashing through them. Realistic physics mean that the bullet can ricochet off bones and go flying through other places in the body, or even into other people.

This gives you a reason to target organs (including rendered testicles), both for easy kills and to watch bullets shred them. You’d think that the game would get tiresome after watching each bullet do its slow motion thing but it never ceases to be shocking. It’s a gruesome experience, to say the least.

Sniper Elite 3


The box itself described it as “The Most Violent Adventure Game Ever Made” and, almost twenty years after its release, no one has even really tried to contest that. Even PHANTASMAGORIA can’t hold up to the sheer weirdness and ultraviolence of this game.

You play a man who wakes up with amnesia in a bizarro town that feels like 1950’s small-town America, which would be great if it weren’t so insane. Your parents are openly into S&M, there’s a meat-packing plant with some dubious animal corpses, a local school (Ed Gein Elementary) is populated with kids who have misshapen heads thanks to a principal who doles out punishment with a baseball bat, and of course there’s the local cult. It’s all very bizarre but it flips over into straight up violent horror near the end of the game, where you can kill just about everyone in town and are treated to some fun sights as a bunch of kids eating their own mother alive. They don’t make games like this anymore.